Since national exhibiton in the year 1998 our workshop is a show plant
with the focus the centuries-old TRADITION & HISTORY of Jaw harp (mouth harp) production in Molln (Austria)
to revive.


How with ancient tools, machines and materials

from ancient times until today a world-famous, legendary & centuries-old instrument emerges & appears.

Jaw Harp, Mouth Harp heat treatment oven Wimmer-Bades Maultrommel
Jaw harp heat treatment oven - hardening & anneal the tongue
Jawharp Wimmer Austria Molln mouth harp tongue hardening of Jaw Harp
Jaw harp detail - Tongue during heat treatment



Collections of INTERNATIONAL Jaw Harps and Models
from many different countries in the world

such as
documents and interesting things which belongs to the topic
"Jaw harps from all over the world"

(mouth harp, guimbarde, Chomus, vargan, jew´s harp…)
can be visited in our jaw harp workshop & museum.




"Music connects people"

You will be astonished
Communicating and playing music in the most different cultures all over the world with Jaw Harps …