"Molln and the Jaw Harp"

a "synonym" for how seldom a place name and a product have been associated and merged for centuries. The small inconspicuous musical instrument carried the name Molln out into the wide world and made our place famous that other places could never achieve. 


Maultrommel  Molln
Schutzheilige Barbara - Schutzpatronin der Mollner Maultrommelerzeuger

The patron saint Barbara and the history of the jaw harp 

There is a popular legend about the origin of this instrument, which is so small and yet spread all over the world: 


A sinner named Barbara who has been sentenced to death is said to have been given the prospect of waiving the death penalty in the event that she invented something special, completely new and useful.


Need teaches to pray!


Barbara thus produced the first jaw harp out of wood, whose monotonous and yet so cozy tones made her judges feel that they should keep the promise made and free Barbara from the dungeon walls.


As a permanent reminder, the Jew's Harp Producers Association has chosen Saint Barbara, whose portrait also adorns its old guild flag, as its patron saint. 





MOLLN is not the only production site for jaw harps in the world,


BUT the only place


where the old craft of jaw harp making from the beginning of the 17th century to the present day is practiced and documented. 

Maultrommel (Österreich, Deutschland), Brummeisen (Österreich, Deutschland), Angkuoch (Kambodscha), Arpa de boca (Spanien), Chomus (Zentralasien), Dan Moi (Vietnam), Doromb (Ungarn), Drumla (Polen), Genggong (Indonesien), Guimbarde (Frankreich), Hel Khuur (Mongolei),  Jaw harp oder Jew´s harp (England, USA), Jødeharpe (Dänemark), Khomus (Zentralasien), Koukin (Japan), Kubing (Philippinen), Maranzano (Sizilien), Mondharp (Niederlande), Mukkuri (Japan, Hokkaido), Mungiga (Schweden), Munnharpe (Norwegen), Morchang (Indien,Rajastan), Morsing (Indien), Njalbmefiolaš (Finnland), Rab Ncas (Thailand), Scarpapensieri (Italien), Sheng oder Sho (China), Trump (England, USA), Trümpi (Schweiz), Vargan (Russland)