Family Business in Molln (Austria)

  Molln has been considered as the center of European Jaw´s harp production for more than 400 years, which is why the small, ancient instrument known in many cultures is also found in the municipal coat of arms.

On October 15, in the year 1679, the Jew's harp production is regulated by the enactment of a craft code.

This was awarded by Johann Maximilian Reichsgraf von Lamberg (lordship of Steyr). Back then in its heyday, there were up to 33 small family farms that produced several million Jaw harps a year, in and around Molln - today there are only two manufacturers left.


 We are a family business in the twelfth generation led by Franz Wimmer's daughter Ilse Bades.




Wimmer Jaw Harp - mouth harp family Residental until 1949
Wimmer Familyhouse until 1949 - Residental & Jaw Harp (mouth harp) workshop together