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Größte Maultrommel der Welt Monument Skulptur


The world’s biggest jaw harp



As a traditional manufacturer of the Molln jaw harp (located directly on the shore of Krumme Steyrling river), we have been committed to our craft since the 17th century.


Staying true to our heritage, we have created a work of art that was, as all our jaw harps, manufactured by hand with great attention to detail. 




Special attention was paid to the shape and design of the monument. The world record jaw harp is reminiscent of the shape of the original historical Molln jaw harp. 


The typical rhombus (rhombus) shape of the entire steel frame as well as the detailed extruded legs characterize the monument as a true-to-scale sculpture in large format.


With a size of over 6 meters and a weight of almost 2t, this world record jaw harp is the largest sculpture that was modeled on an original and traditional Mollner jaw harp shape.


In the landscape background rises the 1267 m above sea level. A. high Gaisberg (Upper Austrian Pre-Alps) and in a southerly direction at 1005 m above sea level. A. located Mollner Hütte.


Geographical location:




In the Wimmer-Bades family business, we see the impetus for realization of this project as a valuable contribution to the revitalization and preservation of our centuries-old tradition and cultural assets in our beautiful Steyr Valley.


  The production of the Mollner Jaw's Harp was recognized as an intangible cultural heritage by the Austrian UNESCO Commission in 2014.


Biggest Jaw Harp in World record certificate
Biggest Jaw Harp in World record certificate